1970 Porsche 911 roller finally arived.

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Picked up a 1970 roller, this was a long wait.  Can’t wait to do do the transplant from my 83.

Back to work this morning.

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Working on the dash today.  Welding and grinding up all the non wanted and needed holes like the seatbelt and brake warning lights, and getting it ready for the backdate process. Have everything needed now, I such as switches and the Blaupunkt Radio, mirror, etc.   

Distributor and ignition received.

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Shortly before I started this project, I was on my way home on the 22 freeway and my distributor literally blew up into pieces.  My beautiful wife Irene came right away with the truck and towed me home.  Gary at the shop gave me a loaner and I sent out my distributor to Barry Herahon at Distributor Lab in IL for a rebuild and recurve of my granaded Bosh distributor.  Barry is a great guy and a pleasure to work with.  Can’t wait to put it in.  


Specializes in air-cooled Porsches.


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The first two coats of base went on good.  Spraying OEM Ruby Red on the interior and window jams.