All about her

Renné is a 1983 Porsche 911scrs Coupe Restómod


Black RS interior.

’67 rearview mirror mounted.

L810 Ruby Red Metallic

3.0 CIS Powerplant 3.2 heads twinspark ready.  (Currently single spark ignition installed).

Elegant Mods within 911 spec car as followed:

All Modifications have been done with purpose. Including improvment of performance, safety and handeling as well as for simplification  and tastful style.


Rocker Delete TIG Welded.

Squirters Delete TIG Welded.

Flag Mirror Delete and holes in doors TIG welded replaced with 935 Mirrors.  

FG Duck Tail with aluminum grill and bumpers from Rennspd finished in style.

Interior has been minimalized, properly painted with glass out, Epoxy Primer, Original OEM Color L810 Ruby Red Metallic base 7 coats and clear coat 7 coats. Floor has been Rhino Lined and painted, all paint is professional two part catalyzed products and infared heat cured.  Pedàls are Heel Toe From Rennline, pedal box fully rebuild with brass bushings, new springs as well as Rennlines race style accessories dress up the interior.  All linkage replaced.

Shifter: Wevo Short shift and race cupler all bushings and linkage have been replaced.

Exhaust:  Burch Headers ceramic Coated with M&K Track Race Mufflers.  

Oil Lines: From Elephant Racing polished.

Stering Wheel: MOMO with Rennline Quick Relese and solid hub. Backdated bloom switches and dash.


Original Bilstein struts shipped out and modified by Elephant Racing in Northern California for modification. Including the spindels being raised 19mm, gussets added, racing drop links and bumpsteer correction. Custom valving Von Shock inserts and repainting by Elephant Racing.

New yellow sport Billstiens rear.

Tagett Throughbody Sway bar and drop links front and rear.  All ARP Hardware on suspension. 

23mm Hollow Tortion Bars from Elephant Racing front 31mm Rear

Mono Balls top 

Elephant Racing Spherical Beering on front control arms

New ball joints from Rennline.

Brakes: Brembo 996 Calipers Monoblocks 

Carerra drilled rotors front.

New brake lines rebuilt booster and new 23mm master.

Steering Rack: Porsche 930 Turbo Tie Rod Ends with Tire Rub Prevention incerted into steering rack.

New bearings, pads, seals etc.

All Hardware is ARP.

Fuel tank removal clean and repaint.  All areas inside trunk and behind gas tank are painted.  There is ZERO rust and 100% of everything has been addressed.

Holes where swaybar is going through body ireinforced primed and painted to avoid problems down the road.

There are absolutely no shortcuts being taken and in fact everything is completely over the top and unnecessary.  This is truly just a labor of love.

This have been a seven month testimonials project to date.

Starter relay with push to start.  

Negative/ground strap and 1/0 line added for better electrical path to motor.  

1/0 line to starter.

ATO fuse upgrade.

All wiring sorted out.

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